(National Sentinel) Desperate: Two major network news broadcasters led their evening programs with bizarre claims made by former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, who claimed during a series of televised appearances the president may have done something wrong regarding Russian collusion.

Nunberg, whose TV appearances began in mid-afternoon and stretched into the evening on various Left-leaning cable networks, taunted special counsel Robert Mueller to “arrest” him, while becoming the first former Trump campaign figure to publicly allege that the president and Russia ‘colluded’ during the 2016 election.

“During his wild interviews (which lasted from mid-afternoon into the night), Nunberg made numerous suggestions that federal investigators may have some kind of case against President Trump. And that was all the liberal network news outlets needed to run with it,” Newsbusters reported Tuesday.

Both CBS Evening News and ABC’s World News Tonight began their programs with what some have described as a “spectacle.”

On CBS, anchor Jeff Glor even announced that they were pushing back another big story so they could get to Nunberg first:

Good evening. Frightening pictures you saw in our headlines of that scare in the air. We will have that story in just a few minutes. But we begin here tonight with a wild series of statements from a man under subpoena in the investigation of Russian meddling. Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said today he will not comply with the special counsel and dared Robert Mueller to have him arrested.

“The former Trump campaign aide believes investigators have evidence that the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russians, but Nunberg refuses to appear before a federal grand jury,” CBS Justice reporter Paula Reid reported as she played audio of Nunberg suggesting “Trump may have very well done something during the election with the Russians.”

ABC anchor David Muir also made Nunberg’s claims his first story:

Sam Nunberg today on live TV saying he will burn the grand jury subpoena he received from Mueller, rather than turn over the documents he has demanded, saying, “let him arrest me.” But Nunberg then went on to make those bold suggestions about his former boss. What he says Donald Trump allegedly knew.

The network’s Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas also heavily promoted Nunberg’s “stunning suggestion” about Trump and collusion, Newsbusters reported.

“Nunberg suggesting on yet another cable show that he believes the president knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians,” the ABC reporter said before playing a clip of his phone interview on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper.

And on NBC Nightly News, anchor Lester Holt described the wild interviews and phone calls as “a fascinating twist in the Russia investigation.”

NBC White House Correspondent Kristen Welker touted Nunberg’s baseless claims: “Tonight, defiant and digging in. Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide turned Trump antagonist dropping this bombshell, becoming the first former adviser to publically suggest candidate Trump may have done something wrong.”

“According to a piece published by the left-leaning Daily Beast before the networks went live, close friends of Nunberg were worried for him and were afraid he had been ‘drinking again,'” Newsbusters reported.  “After the networks had wrapped up in the Eastern and Central time zones, CNN’s Erin Burnett confronted him while he was on her show and said she could smell alcohol on his breath.

“Nunberg had a rough time when he was on the Trump campaign, including claims that Corey Lewandowski had it out for him prior to being fired for racist Facebook posts. Clearly, Nunberg was bitter and held a ton of resentment towards the President. But it was a wild show that the nets couldn’t ignore, especially since it involved sliming Trump,” said the media watchdog.

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