By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) Digital Book-Burning: I had several head-shaking moments over the weekend when I heard the usual Lefty commentariat fret that President Donald J. Trump has openly declared the Chinese Communist Party’s decision to get rid of the constitution’s two-term limit on the country’s presidents.

“Maybe we should try that here,” Trump joked at a fundraising event in Palm Beach.

Cue exploding Left-wing heads. “See? See?” they all shouted breathlessly. “Trump really does want to be a dictator! He’s an authoritarian at heart!”

Trump as a Chinese Communist-style president: “Scary and not good for America!”

Chinese Communist-style censorship of conservative and right-leaning media and political voices by budding Fascists at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: “It’s about time!”

In recent days, for example, The New York Times and other American media reported that the Communist Chinese government banned “Winnie the Pooh” — no, that’s not a misprint — and, for a time, the English letter “N” because party officials deemed them offensive or threatening to the country’s new dictator, President Xi Jinping.

Not even kidding. The Times noted the censors struck after the Chinese Communist Party announced it would seek changes to the country’s constitution that scrapped the existing limit for presidents of two five-year terms:

Anxious to suppress criticism, and maintain an appearance of mass support, the Communist Party’s censors have scoured the internet and social media for content deemed subversive. The sanitizing has included many images of Winnie the Pooh — Mr. Xi is sometimes likened to the cartoon bear — and search terms like “my emperor,” “lifelong” and “shameless.”

For a short time, even the English letter “N” was censored, according to Victor Mair, a University of Pennsylvania professor, apparently to pre-empt social scientists from expressing dissent mathematically: N > 2, with “N” being the number of Mr. Xi’s terms in office.

Well, there’s a new effort to do the very same thing to content posted on YouTube, Facebook, and Google by American users, and the purpose is exactly the same as it is in China: To quash ‘dissent’ and help spread propaganda.

There have been numerous documented examples now of social media censorship — so much so that one organization, PragerU, has filed a lawsuit against Google regarding YouTube censorship (Google’s parent company, Alphabet, owns YouTube).

“Google dominates Internet search with over 75 percent of the market. If you disappear on Google, your ability to voice your opinion disappears too. You will be silenced,” says, a legal effort sponsored by which has seen more than 40 of its educational videos suppressed by Google.

Just like China.

There are now demands from some conservative circles for government to regulate the social media giants in order to ensure a ‘level playing field.’ Other than cases where right-leaning websites have spent money on Facebook and Google to market and advertise their sites, I don’t see regulation or legal action as the cure to this overt bias.

What conservatives and libertarian-minded sites and voices need is a social media platform (or three…or eight) of our own that rivals the Facebook/Google/YouTube tri-opoly. Then we can finally leave a social media environment where we clearly are not wanted, and take our money (and followers) with us.

Meantime, maybe it would behoove the speech Nazis at these companies to actually spend some time in China — or Cuba, or Venezuela, or anywhere else their right to speak freely and critically of government and social mores is not just regulated but prohibited.

Maybe then they would return with a new perspective.

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