(National Sentinel) On Target: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes criticized the legacy media for failing to adequately cover what he and Republicans on the committee say is a scandal of gargantuan proportion: Obama-era spying on the campaign of President Donald J. Trump.

During an interview with Fox Business‘ Neil Cavuto, Nunes, California Republican, said most of the Washington media isn’t interested in the story because it involves favored political figures.

Nunes told Cavuto he favors more investigators into Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court abuses laid out in his “FISA memo” that he released last month. He also said he is glad the Inspector General is getting involved.

“We have a media that pretty much refuses to cover this issue at all. We have serious abuses that occurred in the FISA court against the Trump campaign,” Nunes said. “We continue to get facts. We will bring those facts forward as we see them.”

And he also said that the committee has found clear evidence of collusion between Russia and a 2016 presidential campaign: Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“I welcome anybody to come help investigate because so far it’s only the House Intelligence Committee Republicans who are actually doing anything to get to the bottom of who was colluding with Russia,” he said.

“The more we peel this back, we have clear evidence of collusion but it’s not between the Trump campaign, it’s between the Democratic party and the Hillary campaign and the Russians.”

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