(National Sentinel) Warning: Russia has tested a new ICBM that President Vladimir Putin says is invulnerable and cannot be intercepted by current U.S. missile defense systems.

Sky News correspondent Tom Macleod wrote on Twitter that “Vladimir says ‘has developed missiles that no-one else possesses’, and ‘tested’ an array of new nuclear weapons ‘invulnerable to enemy interception.'”

He added: “ says  ‘does not intend to attack any other country’ and that ‘any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies will draw an immediate response.'”

The Daily Wire noted that Putin says the new missiles would likely be used in a second strike.

The site also reported that as Putin spoke a graphic appeared on Russian television showing a missile being launched and then directed towards the United States.

“At Putin’s speech they’re literally showing videos of new ballistic missiles heading toward the United States as he promises to “overcome misile [sic] defense,” wrote The Telegraph‘s Russia correspondent Alec Luhn on Twitter.

“So much for the idea of a rapprochement with the Russian regime,” The Daily Wire‘s editor Ben Shapiro wrote.

The missile is believed to be the Topol-M. Russia conducted another test of a Topol ICBM in December, in order to gauge its ability to evade Western missile defenses.

The missile launch comes just weeks after American troops and their allies in Syria beat back an attack by a force believed to contain hundreds of Russian mercenaries.

Subsequent reports noted that as many as 200 mercenaries were killed or wounded in the attack.

Russia has acknowledged the attack but the Kremlin said called the attackers a “rogue” force acting without orders.

U.S. intelligence analysts, however, believe the force was not only paid by Putin’s government but under its direction.

The missile test, while obviously a warning to the United States and NATO, may also preclude Russian military moves against one or more Baltic states, some analysts have speculated.

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