(National Sentinel) Criminal: As Broward County deputies responded to a call of shots being fired at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., last week, a commanding officer ordered them to “stage” rather than enter the building, against department policy.

As reported by Fox News, the commander ordered the three responding deputies to set up “a perimeter” around the school but to not allow any personnel inside.

“It’s atrocious,” one law enforcement source who was on the scene after the shooting told the network. “If deputies were staging it could have cost lives.”

The network reported further:

The law enforcement source said responding deputies and officers were called to an active shooter scene in which they are trained to immediately “go, go, go” toward the direction of the shooter. “Every second is another life,” the source said.

Standing policy in such situations for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office regarding active shooter situations says that responding deputies may enter premises without permission in order to save lives.

That is a priority until other objectives are met, such as interdicting and detaining the shooting suspect.

Fox News reported further that nowhere in the policy does it indicate “staging” — setting up a perimeter/command post outside the building to keep first responders safe before officers can secure a violent scene.

Fox News reported that two other law enforcement sources said that in some situations setting up a perimeter and staging may not be a bad plan. Also, they said the commander may have had information that his deputies did not have, though there is no indication of that.

The network also noted that some law enforcement personnel on the scene and familiar with the situation have said officers “were stalled getting inside because of bad commands.”

“Another source with close ties to a county and city official told Fox News a few of the responding officers on scene were very frustrated and one was brought to tears over the law enforcement response,” the network reported further.

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