(National Sentinel) Trump/Pence 2020:  President Donald J. Trump made a major announcement Tuesday, saying he definitely will run for reelection in 2020, proving naysayers wrong who claimed he was just a one-term POTUS.

The announcement was made exclusively by The Drudge Report, which teased the announcement for about an hour before releasing details.

The site noted that Trump’s announcement comes a historic 980 days before Election Day 2020; President Obama, meanwhile, announced he would seek a second term 582 days out.

Trump will reportedly name digital mogul Brad Parscale to be his campaign manager.

The president has barely been in office for a year during which he has faced unprecedented criticism from the establishment media as well as a special counsel investigation that appears to have been based on political motivations rather than evidence of an alleged crime.

Critics of the president have often said they did not believe he would run again in 2020. Just two days ago Newsweek ran a story with this headline: “Will Trump Run in 2020? Kasich May Challenge President for Republican Nomination” — a headline referring to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who challenged Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries.

“Outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich and his team reportedly have a 2020 presidential run in their sights, either as an independent or by launching a surprise primary challenge to President Donald Trump. And there’s one other consideration said to be in Kasich’s thoughts: the prospect that Trump does not run at all in two years’ time,” the troubled political magazine reported.

Trump’s announcement appears to have put those rumors to bed.

Perhaps sensing a strong challenge from another Republican, Trump’s historically early announcement will give the party direction and stability and likely give him a huge jump on fundraising.

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