(National Sentinel) Wider Net: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes warned on Monday that there is a “slew of subpoenas” coming for current and former State Department officials regarding the unverified “Russia dossier” the panel says was improperly used to obtain a FISA court surveillance warrant to spy on the president’s campaign.

Former and current officials will be “hauled into Congress” next week to “answer publicly” questions about the “salacious and unverified” anti-Trump dossier written by former British spy Christopher Steele as opposition research for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, Nunes told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham.

“A week ago we sent a letter with a questionnaire to high-ranking former Obama and current Trump officials, asking them 10 questions about when they knew about the dossier, when they knew the dossier was used, when they knew the dossier was used to get a warrant to spy on an American — all questions that the public has a right to know and that the Congress definitely has a right to know,” Nunes, R-Calif., told the host.

“They have ’til Friday to respond to this questionnaire. And what’s alarming is, Laura, that the mainstream media — the Democratic-controlled mainstream media — is not reporting on this questionnaire,” Nunes continued, as reported by Lifezette.

“So I guess they’ll be surprised when, you know, a week from today when we have to issue a slew of subpoenas if these people don’t answer,” he continued.

Earlier this month, Nunes and Republicans on the panel released a “FISA memo” documenting serial abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by ranking members of the FBI and Justice Department under President Obama.

The memo accuses officials of misrepresenting the dossier as legitimate intelligence that had been verified without informing FISA court judges it was a political document. Democrats, who have released their own version of a FISA memo, counter that the court was informed but Republicans said the FISA application only mentioned the dossier in a buried footnote that did not clarify its true background.

What’s more, the Democratic memo contradicts previous sworn Senate testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. The Democrat memo claimed a significant portion of the dossier had been confirmed but Comey testified that three months after a FISA court warrant on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was issued that he still considered the dossier “unverified” and “salacious” when he briefed incoming President Trump in January 2017 at Trump Tower.

Nunes, in his interview with Ingraham, also slammed the legacy media for failing to follow through on his memo’s explosive claims.

He said that “what happens here in the Beltway” is that most current and former State Department officials read The Washington Post and The New York Times while watching CNN and MSNBC. He said they don’t watch right-leaning outlets which means they are missing key components of the Trump campaign spying scandal in what many are calling “Obamagate.”

“And they think, well, just because Devin Nunes is being attacked and Devin Nunes is being called a Trump stooge and I’m being just constantly — it’s a character assassination — that somehow they’re not going to be subpoenaed and that they think the press is going to cover for them,” Nunes told the Fox News host.

“Well, I’ve got news for them — they are going to get subpoenaed, and they are going to answer publicly to all 10 questions in that questionnaire,” Nunes continued. “And the mainstream media can continue to ignore it all they want, but at some point the cameras will be on and all of these people will be hauled into Congress to answer the questions.”

He also said that there is an “ongoing investigation” that has entered “Phase two” which is focusing primarily on the State Department, which at the time was being run by former U.S. senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.

Nunes accused Democrats and the legacy media of obfuscating the real crimes here.

“The point of our memo was to say that the FISA system was abused,” Nunes said. “Why? To find dirt on the Trump campaign, [on] which they struck out. They found none. So the fact that the Democrats say that this was not the start of the investigation is totally irrelevant.”

“Is it OK to open an investigation — a counterintelligence investigation, no less — using a secret court to go after a political campaign? Is that ever OK? I think the answer is no,” Nunes said. “It shouldn’t be done in the FISA court.”

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