(National Sentinel) No Defense: Michael Wolff, author of the highly controversial book, “Fire and Fury,” abruptly ended an Australian TV interview after he was asked about his now-retracted claim that the president had an affair in the White House.

Wolff was being interviewed from London by Australian morning talk show “Today,” when he walked off the set after appearing to have difficulty with his earpiece and was unable to hear questions regarding claims that President Donald J. Trump is having an affair.

However, later on, evidence emerged that the author was not at all having trouble hearing questions posed by host Ben Fordham. Footage from the show’s London studio showed that Fordham’s questions were coming through on Wolff’s earpiece.

As The Daily Caller reported:

Wolff cut the interview short as he was being asked about his claim in January that he was “absolutely sure” that Trump was having an affair in the White House. He also hinted that Trump’s mistress was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, an allegation she called “disgusting.”


Wolff had previously backtracked on his allegations of a presidential affair last week on Dutch TV.

“I do not know if the president is having an affair,” said Wolff, whose book about the Trump White House has been found to contain several inaccuracies and errors.

Fordham pressed Wolff to substantiate or explain his allegations against the president.

“You said during a TV interview last month that you are absolutely sure that Donald Trump is currently having an affair, while President, behind the back of the First Lady. I repeat, you said you were absolutely sure,” Fordham began.

“Hold on, I can’t …,” Wolff responded as he fiddled with his earpiece.

The host pressed, “Last week, you backflipped and said, ‘I do not know if the President is having an affair.’ Do you owe the President and the First Lady an apology, Mr Wolff?”

“I can’t hear you. Hello?” Wolff responded.

“Just last month you said you were absolutely sure that the President was having an affair, and now you say he is not,” Fordham continued.

“I’m not getting anything,” said Wolff as he began removing his earpiece.

“Mr. Wolff was hearing me before, but he’s not hearing me anymore … so the interview may be over,” he said.

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