By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) If you’re still searching for an ‘answer’ as to why America is suddenly inundated with sickos who seek attention by killing school children, I have it.

It’s liberalism. Bald-faced, Left-wing, Marxist-socialist liberalism. The very same ideology that has hijacked a once reasonable Democratic Party.

I know that seems overtly political, and it is. But it also happens to be the truth.

Liberals are so triggered by the fact that Donald J. Trump is the president many of them willingly abandon any pretense of humanity just to spew their hatred of him.

Case in point: A father who lost his daughter in this week’s school shooting in Florida was trashed on that social media sewer known as Twitter because he’s a Trump supporter.

Some of the things people said/tweeted at him could just as easily have come from the devil himself. But they didn’t.

The callous insults from fellow human beings — Americans, even, presumably — and were directed at a father who just lost his daughter after she was shot to death by a punk kid everyone knew was a loose cannon, so to speak (which is a subject for another day).

Nice, huh?


‘I don’t feel sorry for him and f**k trump,’ one person tweeted.

Trump is responsible for the shooting!

Trump is the terrorist.

Because this man, Andrew Pollack, exercised his patriotic duty and constitutional right to vote for whoever he wants (same as every other American including those who chose to vote for the most criminally-investigated presidential nominee ever, Hillary Clinton).

I wish I could say I am shocked and surprised at the response. But after witnessing Trump haters become more and more deranged every morning the man wakes up and takes his first breath, sadly, this kind of behavior doesn’t shock me anymore.

It angers me. Because enough is enough. And when we can’t even put aside our political differences for one moment to allow a father to grieve for his just-murdered daughter, then something is terribly wrong with our society.

No, really, terribly wrong.

I don’t care what you think about Trump; you cannot ever use your hatred of him as an excuse to treat a grieving parent this way. Ever. Like, never. It’s never okay.

And yet, people do it every day now — some of the same hypocrite, soulless pieces of you-know-what who claim out of the other side of their filthy mouths that they’re so much more “compassionate” and “tolerant” than the rest of us.

But there you have it. If we’ve now become a society where roughly half of the country is so polarized and perpetually triggered by the person in the White House that their conscience no longer functions, is it any wonder we have people walking into schools to gun down our children?

Hey, Democrats — it ain’t the guns. It’s you and your garbage ideology.

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