(National Sentinel) Irreconcilable: Left-wing activists in California have once again filed papers to begin a second petition drive to secede from the United States about a year after the initial effort, known as “Calexit,” failed to garner enough signatures.

As reported by The Hill, secession supporters say the Trump administration is specifically targeting California in a number of ways, from cracking down on “sanctuary cities” and illegal immigrants to the recently-passed tax reform bill, which limits state property tax deductions in the high-tax state.

The measure, if it passes, would instruct the state legislature to formally declare California’s independence from the United States.

The Hill noted further:

Backers of the measure marched from the state Capitol in Sacramento to Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s (D) office on Wednesday, waving signs that read “It’s Time For A Divorce” and “Irreconcilable Differences.” At Becerra’s office, they formally filed the papers necessary to begin gathering signatures for the 2020 ballot.

bullet proof vests

Supporters of secession are the latest in a long line of activists who have pushed for California to leave the United States. Since 1859, a decade after California joined the union, more than 200 different groups have tried to force either secession or partition, splitting the state into several smaller states, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Louis Marinelli, the sponsor of the referendum, dropped the effort last year after it was learned that he was living in Russia.

He has since moved back to the U.S. and was present at Becerra’s office when the referendum paperwork was signed.

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