Only in California: School bans ‘racially insensitive’ NATIONAL anthem

(National SentinelUnpatriotic: A high school in San Ramon, California, has announced it will no longer play the U.S. National Anthem at school events because officials and some students claim it celebrates the killing of blacks.

Student Body President Ariyana Kermanizadeh said that a little-sung verse of the anthem “finds joy in the killing of African-Americans.”

“To think that our nation’s anthem once had the world [sic] ‘slave’ and ‘land of the free’ in the same sentence leaves me speechless,” she said, according to local media.

School administrators and teachers agreed with the characterization of the anthem and went along with Kermanizadeh’s recommendation it no longer be played at events.

One parent upset by the decision wrote to The Gateway Pundit to put the ban in perspective.

“I’m hoping to draw further attention to a significant problem at California High School in San Ramon, California. Todd Starnes at Fox News has already addressed this in part but I would like to see more light shed on this in an effort to bring additional pressure on the anti-American liberals who run the school and district,” the parent who was not identified, wrote.

“I am the father of a student at the school, and when my eldest son came home and told me about this I was outraged. Effectively a handful of disgruntled snowflakes did not like a reference to “the hireling and slave” in the third verse of the Star-Spangled Banner,” said the parent.

“As a result, the national anthem will no longer be played at student gatherings. The school administration put out a piece this afternoon claiming that they were attempting to be inclusive and mindful of issues which may make some students uncomfortable,” he continued.

“Of course, they don’t take the feelings of the mainstream into account with their radicalized agenda on issues involving gender or other hot topics. It seems that only the left is given the benefit of the doubt on these things.

“Frankly, I’m tired of being on the defensive,” the parent concluded.

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