(National Sentinel) Election 2018: Republicans have retaken the lead from Democrats in general midterm election balloting as President Donald J. Trump’s popularity continues to rise.

The newly-released results from polling firm Morning Consult show that the GOP now enjoys a +1 point lead on the generic poll.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they would vote Republican, while 38 percent chose a generic Democratic candidate, with 23 percent undecided.

In the recent past, Democrats have enjoyed anywhere from a 2-10 point advantage over a generic Republican candidate.

“While this is the first poll in a long time giving the GOP an advantage, it is in keeping with the overall trend in other polls that have moved towards Republicans. One month ago, Democrats enjoyed a double-digit lead. That has now shrunk to less than seven points,” Breitbart News reported Wednesday.

Trump’s approval ratings are also up. In the Morning Consult survey, Trump has a 47-percent approval rating, while the same percentage of respondents do not approve of the job he’s doing. That’s significant because it marks one of the rare times the president’s negatives have not outweighed the positives.

Other polling data indicate most Americans are siding with Trump over the immigration issue — giving Dreamers a long pathway to citizenship while building a border wall and ending chain migration and the visa lottery program. Democrats are opposed to Trump’s measures and are seen as obstructionists on the issue, Breitbart News noted further.

Also helping Trump is the fact that the “Russia collusion” probe is disintegrating after new revelations that the Obama administration likely schemed to spy on Trump’s campaign in 2016.

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