(National Sentinel) Dirt: The head of one of Washington’s most vigorous government watchdog organizations said Sunday that his organization has uncovered at least four anti-Trump “dossiers” that were generated by elements within the Obama administration and the 2016 Democratic campaign of Hillary Clinton.

“.@JudicialWatch lawsuit uncovered ANOTHER Russia Dossier used to undermine @RealDonaldTrump–this one created by Obama State Department. By my count, there are now at least 4 Obama/Clinton “get Trump” dossiers,” tweeted Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

In a video posted with the tweet, Fitton said the documents not only implicate a sitting Democratic U.S. senator as well — Ben Cardin of Maryland — but also serve to help undermine any Trump administration effort to improve relations with a nuclear-armed Russia.

“There was no basis for a legitimate investigation into alleged collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. The only basis was a smear job created by Hillary Clinton’s political operatives,” Fitton said.

“In fact, there came out another Clinton dossier, this one created by Cody Shearer, who also got it to the FBI supposedly through Fusion GPS. Cody Shearer goes way back, he’s a longtime Clinton operative-henchman. So now that’s two dossiers. And guess what, we just found a third dossier. This one created by the Obama State Department,” he added.

Continuing, he said:

We received the documents, we just released them this week. So what happens is, shortly before President Trump came into office, the Obama State Department gathered intelligence, classified material on Russian activities on elections and public policy, fights abroad especially in Europe [….] They sent them to their buddy Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland.

So they were vacuuming classified information, creating a special dossier on Russia and sending classified information to, according to reports at the time, with the express purpose of not allowing the Trump administration to assert its prerogative on the handling of this classified information and its relations with Russia. The abuses don’t stop with the Obama FBI and DOJ, they continued into this Obama State Department and we want to know how this classified information was gathered, who ordered it, how it was disseminated and who else has it…They are in cover-up mode!

Fitton also said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should “unrecuse himself” from the Justice Department’s ongoing “Russian collusion” probe and put a stop to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe because it has all been based on a fabrication.

Sessions needs to “clean house” at Justice, Fitton added.


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