(National Sentinel) Deep Statist: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said on Saturday that he believes evidence exists that former President Barack Obama had a heavy hand in abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that led to improper spying on President Donald J. Trump’s campaign.


“Watch closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints,” King told Breitbart News Radio yesterday. “[Democrats and their allies] will defend Barack Obama at all costs, and they’ll defend Hillary Clinton almost at all costs unless they have to sacrifice her to protect Barack Obama.”

King made his comments against the backdrop of Friday’s release of the scandalous FISA memo, a four-page document prepared by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee explaining that a surveillance warrant obtained from the FISA court by Obama’s FBI and Justice Department to spy on Trump campaign foreign advisor Carter Page was based on an unsubstantiated political report — the “Trump dossier” — not on actual intelligence.

Nothing in the dossier has been verified, which also troubled the Intelligence Committee. The panel’s chairman, Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said that ranking DOJ and FBI officials did not inform the FISA court the dossier was a political opposition report paid for in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Look at all of these investigations now,” King continued. “Look closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints. I’ve just identified some that I think are fingerprints, and I think this trail leads to the Obama presidency, to Barack Obama himself, but it’s going to take some time if we get there, and I’m not certain that the evidence trail necessarily leads there.

“There’s an indication trail that says we need to take a look and find out. But if it’s not Barack Obama, then who is it? Well, it’s Loretta Lynch, for example, and James Comey, and McCabe, and that cast of characters from Sally Yates on down,” he continued.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a long row of very high-level executive branch officials wrapped up in something here that is political partisanship, weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to do opposition research that was stimulated by the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and [paid for with her] and the DNC’s checkbooks,” King noted.

On Saturday, The National Sentinel’s editor-in-chief, J. D. Heyes, laid out the possible path from the FISA warrant approval process in this scandal to the 44th president.

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