(National Sentinel) Swamp Things: Investigative reporter and Fox News contributor Sara Carter said Saturday on the network’s “Fox & Friends” morning show that a second, more explosive FISA memo detailing abuses of the secretive court is set for release.

“The second memo that the House Intelligence Committee is putting together. We’re still waiting for the Inspector General’s report that is going to be coming out,” she said.

“That’s going to be directed at Andrew McCabe, now former director Andrew McCabe, and others. And I think they’re terrified what’s going to come out here.”

“Here’s what we know. There was a second dossier that was put together by a person named Cody Shearer. He is a very controversial activist, a former reporter who worked with the Clintons in the past,” she added.

“And the FBI was also using this second dossier as part of what they were doing to back up the other dossier by Christopher Steele, an unverified dossier. And we believe Christopher Steele was also sending information to the State Department in bits and snippets,” she continued.

“But I think the most important thing here and one of the things they are going to be looking at very closely are the leaks. There were a number of leaks out unverified information by possibly senior members of the Obama administration,” she also said.

Carter’s reporting on the first Trump dossier and the scandal surrounding it has been exemplary.

In August, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a crackdown on leaking from his department and those under Justice Department control, including the FBI.

“I strongly agree with the president and condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks undermining the ability of our government to protect this country,” Sessions said. “Criminals who would illegally use their access to our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are, in fact, being investigated, and will be prosecuted.

“I have this message for our friends in the intelligence community: The Department of Justice is open for business, and I have this warning for would-be leakers — don’t do it,” he said, adding that the department was currently reviewing policies and statutes regarding “media subpoenas.”

“We respect the important role the press plays, and we’ll give them respect, but it’s not unlimited,” Sessions noted.

“They cannot place lives at risk with impunity. We must balance the press’ role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in the intelligence community, the Armed Forces, and all law-abiding Americans.”

Here is Carter’s interview, via Fox & Friends:

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