(National Sentinel) Disapproval: A new analysis of voter opinions following the recent government shutdown shows that Democrats, not Republicans, are getting the lion’s share of the blame, which puts their plans for retaking the House and/or the Senate in greater jeopardy.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, a Zogby Analytics found that a plurality of voters blames all parties involved, Democrats were hurt far worse than Republicans.

Democrats received the most blame by about 29 percent of those surveyed. That compares to 19.6 percent for President Donald J. Trump and just 9 percent for Republicans.

Graphic: Zogby Analytics

“In a stunning rebuke of congressional Democrats, who believe they are on the verge of a ‘blue wave’ during the 2018 midterm elections, numbers suggest their strategy of playing hardball with congressional Republicans could backfire — especially when there may be a showdown over the budget and DACA in the coming weeks in order to keep the lights on in Washington. In fact, voters blame Democrats three to one in comparison to Republicans,” said the Zogby Poll analysis.

“These numbers held up even among traditional Democratic voting blocs—women (23% blamed Democrats versus 9% who blamed Republicans); 33% of 18-24-year-olds blamed Democrats compared to 4% who blamed Republicans and 28% of Independents blamed Democrats versus 6% who blamed Republicans,” the Zogby analysis continued.

“Other groups who traditionally vote Democrat, such as lower-income voters (26% blamed Democrats compared to 3% who blamed Republicans) and Hispanics (2 to1 blamed Democrats over Republicans) were quicker to fault Democrats,” the analysis found.

The Democrats also have another major hurdle to overcome in terms of fighting for, or even retaining, seats in the Midterm elections: The party is financially broke.

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