(National Sentinel) Corrupt: Former U.S attorney Joe diGenova and his wife/partner Victoria Toensing appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Tuesday evening to discuss what appears to be a growing FBI and Justice Department scandal to protect and exonerate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her criminal mishandling of classified emails.

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In particular, diGenova said that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is likely in far more trouble than anyone had suspected, as will be revealed if and when the House Intelligence Committee’s “FISA memo” is released, as well as the Justice Department inspector general’s investigation into allegations that McCabe was politicized by the Obama administration.

McCabe was removed from office on Monday, the day after FBI Chief Christopher Wray visited Capitol Hill to read the House Intelligence FISA memo that was released to the president on Monday night.

“There’s going to be resolution. The memo from the House Intelligence Committee will be the start,” diGenova said.

“Next will come the inspector general’s report from the Department of Justice which will be devastating. Because it will show Andrew McCabe made FBI agents fabricate evidence to exonerate Hillary Clinton and then there’s going to be a federal grand jury to investigate the Obama administration’s senior Department of Justice officials and the senior members of the FBI,” he added.

Watch, via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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