(National Sentinel) Corruption: Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz told The Alex Jones Show Monday that “justice” regarding alleged abuses tied to their foundation by Bill and Hillary Clinton may “soon” be forthcoming.

“What happens when [special counsel Robert Mueller’s] house of cards falls? They’ve shown they never give up,” Jones said regarding the Clintons.

“Well, you’re right about that Alex, but they are going to be like cornered rats when this entire investigation is shown to be the fraud that it is,” Gaetz responded.

“It’s built on a rotten foundation and I suspect they’ll have to go into major defense mode over Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation,” he continued.

“There’s a lot of people that paid bribes to the Clinton Foundation, that still may be getting a benefit out of this government and when they find out their house of cards is falling, we may see a very strong reaction and they may have to really start to explain themselves.”

Jones asked that, in light of the released of the “FISA memo” and President Donald J. Trump’s pledge to ‘drain the swamp’ if further investigations into alleged Clinton malfeasance is forthcoming.

“Well there have been credible media reports that the Little Rock field office is actually investigating elements of bribery and corruption with the Clinton Foundation, particularly as it’s related to uranium sales that may have not been in our nation’s interest,” Gaetz replied, referencing the Uranium One deal in which Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, allowed to go through.

Gaetz also said that the Clintons ought to be concerned that front-line FBI and Justice Department officials are running the investigation, not ‘hacks’ from D.C.

“Justice may be coming to their doorstep very soon,” he warned.

The Justice Department has launched a new investigation earlier this month into the Clinton Foundation over allegations of “pay for play” while Hillary Clinton was President Obama’s first secretary of state.

Fox News reported Friday that a source familiar with the new probe told the network on Thursday that the investigation is being led by the U.S. attorney and the FBI in Little Rock, Ark., where the foundation began.

The network reported that it had confirmed the existence of the probe.

“Fox News also has learned investigators are looking into whether the Clinton Foundation violated tax law,” the network reported online.

“Accusers of ‘pay to play’ have claimed the foundation promised favors in exchange for donations or pledges of cash or gifts,” it said.

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