(National Sentinel) Presidential: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reaffirmed his support for President Donald J. Trump on Monday during an appearance on Fox News, while poking fun at failed Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton over her appearance on the Grammy Awards show Sunday.

“[Trump’s] not going to give up putting America first. He’s not going to give up fighting for small business, fighting for deregulation, fighting for lower taxes. But I think he has learned over the last year,” Gingrich said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“He’s had a year now to be president. He’s clearly learned a lot of lessons. There’s no reason for him to know coming into office, the differences between a billionaire in business and being the president of the United States.”

“I always said he is a very smart guy,” Gingrich added. “He didn’t get to be that wealthy by being stupid. He didn’t beat 16 Republicans in the primaries by being stupid.”

He then noted that Trump’s incredible first-year successes have made Clinton politically irrelevant while at the same time leaving Democrats unhinged.

“Just think about this weekend, Hillary Clinton on TV sadly reading out of a weird book, while Donald Trump is preparing a state of the union,” Gingrich noted.

“That’s not a world anybody on the left thought was possible. And so I think he can afford to be generous and say, let’s find a way to work together.”

Reports say Trump is likely to reach out to Democrats in his speech Tuesday night — his first State of the Union Address — in an effort at reconciliation, but it isn’t clear whether they will respond in kind.

Several Democrats have already said they are boycotting the address, which will be given to a joint session of Congress and televised live.

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