(National Sentinel) Indebted: The official figures are in: President Donald J. Trump has managed to decrease the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio during his first year in office.

According to government figures, the ratio fell from 105 percent to 104 percent, and while that may not seem like much, the ratio increased by 14.7 percent during President Obama’s first year.

In all, through two terms, the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio shot up 38 percent during Obama’s tenure.

The figure matters because the higher the ratio, the less healthy a nation’s economy. Also, as debt rises, it affects other aspects of government economics such as borrowing, which often has to occur in the context of higher interest rates because of risk.

GDP — gross domestic product — rose to $19.739 trillion last year, making the U.S. the leading economy by far in the world; China is the world’s second-biggest economy at $11.9 trillion.

In addition to the U.S. economy improving under Trump, the president has also managed to oversee reductions in total government spending, which helped lower the ratio as well.

Meanwhile, the stock market has also grown in value by nearly $7 trillion, to $30.6 trillion, during Trump’s first year.

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