(National Sentinel) Legal Immigration: On Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Friday night, he and conservative author, pundit and lawyer Ann Coulter discussed and debunked statistics widely cited by the ‘mainstream’ media that most Americans support so-called “Dreamers” — illegal immigrants brought into the country by their parents.

Slamming “phony polls” that purport to show that most Americans back liberal immigration policies, Carlson noted that many lawmakers, including a sizable percentage of Republicans, seemingly ignore Americans’ concerns on the issue.

“There’s a deeper question about democracy here,” Tucker said.

“So, if the public has been clear in poll after poll about what it wants and what it doesn’t want on the question of immigration, and it went to the trouble of electing Donald Trump against all odds and all predictions, just to express that view, and it still can’t get what it demonstrably wants in immigration, is it possible for the public to have a say in this?”

“No, it’s amazing. I mean, it is beyond what you just described,” Coulter noted, as reported by The Daily Caller. 

“I was looking through Nexis transcripts today. The fact that Donald Trump is president–it was utterly implausible. It’s like a Hollywood movie. And this isn’t the first time,” she continued.

“You keep hearing these phony polls being being cited by the media, showing that American love Dreamers! They love them! Just like that one you interviewed, who couldn’t love her? They love them!”

She went onto note that recent polling indicates that a majority of Americans want less immigration — legal and illegal. Recently, the Trump administration “distributed a Harvard-Harris poll that showed Americans generally approve of the president’s immigration plan, believe people should enter legally, and that those who are allowed in should contribute to American life in a positive way,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“…[E]very time they have an actual ballot, every time, for 20 years now, [Americans] will vote against bail for illegals, against government services for illegals, they’ll vote for Donald Trump, they’ll vote for English as the national language,” said Coulter, author of several top-selling books including one on immigration called, “Adios, America.”

“This Harvard poll that just came out that shows more Americans would like zero immigration than our current immigration policy. But the way they pull off these phony polls, is by, I mean, I didn’t need to read Saul Alinsky to know this is not a good way to take a poll–they personalize it,” Coulter continued.

“They say do you want to support Juanita the maid? They make it about a specific person. No, I want questions like ‘Do you want more or less immigration?’ ‘Do you think people who break the law should be able to become citizens and start collecting welfare right away?’ ‘Do you think we should we be dumping millions of low-wage workers on the country?’”

Coulter then noted recent reports indicating that President Donald J. Trump may be supportive of a plan that gives many so-called DACA recipients -a slow but sure path to citizenship.

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“Which is going to come back–I mean, Trump thinks he’s a genius and in some ways he is,” Coulter said. “He has an uncanny sense for what are popular issues, that’s why he won. He may be able to roll over the never-Trumpers, but if he continues down this line, former-Trumpers may be a much more difficult category for him.”

“We need an immigration time-out so we can assimilate those who are here, like we did throughout much of the 20th century,” editor-in-chief J. D. Heyes said.

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