(National Sentinel) Great Minds: Earlier this week, The National Sentinel‘s J. D. Heyes wrote in an analysis piece regarding the FISA memo that President Donald J. Trump ought to read it at his upcoming State of the Union Address, to make sure that all Americans are aware of its “explosive” contents.

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That idea seems to be picking up steam.

Farrell is the director of investigations at Judicial Watch, a legal watchdog group that has been tracking down Obama-era scandals including the allegations that FBI and Justice Department operatives during Obama’s presidency may have abused the FISA court in order improperly obtain a surveillance warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Veteran Navy intel officer and author of “Citizens for Trump” Jack Posobiec tweeted, “At the State of the Union, Trump should walk up and say, ‘I had a big speech all planned but instead I’ve decided to read out this four page memo…'”


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Others joined the call:

Earlier this week, Heyes made the same call, noting that it would not only be important for government transparency, but also because most so-called “mainstream media” outlets either won’t report on its contents or will downplay the significance of the findings.

“This is a conspiracy like no other. This is a scandal like no other. The abuses of our intelligence apparatus and judicial system are mind-boggling. Think about it and let that sink in real good: A sitting president and his administration politicized two of our most important institutions — our legal system and our intelligence-gathering institutions — to not only exonerate a Democratic presidential candidate who was so obviously guilty of violating national security statutes she should have been put away for decades, but also to spy on a rival campaign,” Heyes wrote.

He added:

Yet, many Americans are clueless about it because of a dearth of reporting by the “responsible media.”

It can be instantly declassified by the president of the United States.

Not only should Trump do that, he should read it during the upcoming State of the Union Address, so that every American has an opportunity to learn just how corrupted their most cherished institutions have become, and who attempted to use that corruption to their advantage: Democrats.

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