(National Sentinel) Tone Deaf: A veteran’s organization started by World War II vets eagerly accepted an opportunity to place an ad during the Super Bowl, but was upset to learn that language within the ad was rejected.

The offending language? “Please stand.”

As reported by The Daily Caller, John Hoellwarth, the national communications director for American Veterans, or AMVETS, said that despite being targeted specifically as a potential ad buyer by H.O. Zimman, the publishing firm that is responsible for laying out the official Super Bowl program, AMVETS #PleaseStand ad was rejected by the league, and without a proper explanation.

AMVETS was then given the chance to submit a new ad but decided against doing so.

“AMVETS believes people should stand for the National Anthem,” Hoellwarth said. “We don’t insist that they must, and we don’t vilify them if they don’t. It’s their choice. But we’d like to politely ask them to ‘please’ choose standing, and that’s all this ad does.”

“The NFL’s decision to reject this very reasonable message from veterans is both surprising and very disappointing,” he added.

During one month of the NFL season the league tends to honor the military. But it’s not clear that the U.S. military will continue its relationship with a league that refuses to require its players to show respect to the flag, the military, and the National Anthem during games.

“When asked to comment, the NFL’s Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy told TheDC that while a third-party is responsible for actually selling ad space in the program, the NFL ultimately decides what content is allowed to run,” The Daily Caller reported further.

“The Super Bowl game program is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl,” McCarthy said. “It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”

Critics said it was important to note that McCarthy mentioned the Super Bowl specifically, since de fact political statements have been made all season long by protesting, kneeling players — acts which have harmed ratings and chased away fans.

“The NFL has long supported the military and veterans and will again salute our service members in the Super Bowl with memorable on-field moments that will be televised as part of the game.”

According to a Monday press release from AMVETS, the ad had been accepted by both the NHL and NBA for use in the programs for each league’s upcoming all-star games.

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