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Trump’s first year in office was a MAJOR SUCCESS for him and the U.S.: Here’s WHY

(National SentinelPresidential: By any measure, President Donald J. Trump had a successful first year in office, despite a dearth of major legislative accomplishments due in large part to near-universal Democratic opposition.

The president scored well on his turnaround of the moribund Obama economy, while scoring foreign and domestic policy gains that formed a good basis for more progress in 2018.

The Economy

In eight years, President Obama never saw a single quarter of 3 percent growth in GDP, but Trump has twice in his first year.

In addition, Wall Street has had a stellar year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has skyrocketed some 42 percent since Trump’s November 2016 election victory and 31 percent since Inauguration Day, closing on Friday at 26, 071.71, while the NASDAQ closed at 7,336.38, both at new records. This is particularly advantageous for ordinary Americans who have seen meteoric gains in their 401k and other market-based retirement plans.

Also, job growth has been substantial, with 2 million new jobs added to the economy in just a single year, as the unemployment rate fell to around 4 percent. Workforce participation is also the highest its been in a decade.

At the end of the 3rd Quarter the national GDP reached $19.5 trillion for the highest recorded GDP in U.S. history.

Economists believe this is just the beginning. The Trump-GOP tax reform and tax cut plan is expected to lead to sturdy corporate growth, which will lead to more employment, higher pay — and fewer federal taxes for more than 85 percent of Americans.

Foreign Policy

Trump entered office vowing to unleash the U.S. military on ISIS so as to defeat the Islamic militant group as quickly as possible. While new problems are arising in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State has been soundly defeated. “Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over ISIS and due to President Trump’s resolve, less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are estimated remaining,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

Meanwhile, Trump’s focus on rebuilding the U.S. military and refocusing it for near-peer, great-power war after more than 15 years fighting small brushfire conflicts in the Middle East and Southwest Asia is paying dividends. Training is shifting away from insurgencies back to great power conflict; as Russia and China rise, the United States’ and NATO’s deterrent capability is being bolstered. What’s more, the president has the support of most in Congress for building a bigger Navy and more robust, capable forces.

Domestic Policy

Trump has kept his promises to cut bureaucracy and the regulatory state, which is in turn also driving economic growth. Some of the president’s first executive orders included a near-government-wide hiring freeze and instructions to all federal agencies that for every new rule they implemented, two must be cut. The resulting reduction of federal compliance costs on businesses and industries has been phenomenal.

As noted by The Gateway Pundit, Trump’s actions have included:

* Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
* Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
* Enforcing regulatory reform.
* Protecting Law enforcement.
* Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
* Defeating ISIS.
* Rebuilding the military.
* Building a border wall.
* Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
* Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines.
* Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
* Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
* Exiting the US from destructive, expensive and wholly inappropriate global trade deals like TPP

In addition, Trump kept his promise to appoint constitutional-minded federal judges and justices. His first pick for the U.S. Supreme Court was Neil Gorsuch.

There were other accomplishments as well, which Trump managed to achieve despite being attacked endlessly by the establishment media, being under investigation by a special counsel — which is beginning to look more and more like it was an Obama political operation — and near-constant opposition from Democrats and threats of impeachment.

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