(National Sentinel) Media Miss: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., appeared on CNN Thursday to discuss once again comments reportedly made by President Donald J. Trump during recent negotiations over an immigration reform bill at the White House.

Graham, who was in the room at the time with a number of other lawmakers, was asked by Dana Bash if Trump called countries like Haiti and African nations “sh*tholes,” implying that he intentionally singled out countries where most citizens are black.

“You can keep asking me all day long and I’ll say the same thing,” Graham responded. “Why don’t you ask me, ‘is he a racist?’”

“That was my next question,” Bash admitted.

“Okay well, why don’t you ask me?” Graham said coolly.

Bash complied and Graham answered, “Absolutely not.”

Graham went on to explain, “Let me tell you what, you can be dark as charcoal and lily white — it doesn’t matter as long as you’re nice to him,” Graham explained. “You could be the pope and criticize him — it doesn’t matter, he’ll go after the pope.

“He’s a street fighter,” Graham noted further. “It’s not the color of your skin that matters, it’s not the content of your character, it’s whether or not you show him respect or like him.”

Graham noted that Trump no longer needs to be a “street fighter,” which is how he got elected — beating Graham, in fact, along with 15 other GOP candidates.

“What we need now is a leader,” Graham continued, pointing out that Trump has moments of brilliance and that the country is behind him on a plethora of issues that must be addressed.

“There are real estate markets and there are political markets,” the senior South Carolina Republican said, and each can only bear so much.

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