(National Sentinel) False Alarm: Hawaiian emergency management officials apologized profusely Saturday after a missile attack alert was mistakenly broadcast to residents, sending many scrambling for cover.

In the aftermath of the warning, in which emergency management officials took nearly 40 minutes to correct, videos posted online show panicked parents instructing their children to climb down into dank storm drains.

Residents of the state have been on edge in recent weeks amid ongoing nuclear and ballistic missile tests by North Korea.

The hermit nation tested an ICBM last fall that experts believe has the range to strike Hawaii and other U.S. states. It’s not clear that North Korea has perfected the technology to actually place a nuclear warhead on an ICBM, but U.S. intelligence agencies say if that hasn’t happened yet, they expect it will soon.

Here is one video of a child being placed in a storm drain:


Other residents sought shelter in various places.

The Federal Communications Commission announced Saturday it will be conducting a full investigation into the incident. The agency has jurisdiction over emergency broadcast systems.

“Emergency alerts are meant to keep us and our families safe, not to create false panic. We must investigate and we must do better,” said FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

Hawaiian Gov. David Ige said the mistake was human error, adding that a worker pushed the “wrong button” at shift change.

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