(National Sentinel) Profane: Georgia Democrats sponsored a crude message aimed at denigrating President Donald J. Trump as he attended Monday night’s college football National Championship game at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz stadium.


Outside the venue, the Dekalb County Democrats projected the words “F**k Trump” onto the stadium.

As reported by USA Today, the group also tweeted, “Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and where the Democratic Socialists have an awesome projector like every day. (You’re not welcome in District 5 or anywhere else in ATL you orange fascist.”

In actuality, the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America claimed credit for the projection.


But, as the tweet indicates, the Dekalb County Democrats approvingly promoted the vile message.

Critics of the projection pointed out on Twitter that the display was another example of why Democrats are in the minority in Congress and throughout most state legislatures and governorships.

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