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Rep. Steve King: Can’t legalize DACA illegal aliens ‘without SACRIFICING the rule of LAW’

(National SentinelDACA Not: A leading Republican lawmaker tweeted on Sunday that it was not possible to legalize hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens currently living in the U.S. “without sacrificing the rule of law.”

Rep. Steve King of Iowa’s statement came as negotiations are underway between the Trump White House and establishment Republicans in which amnesty for aliens protected under an Obama-era executive order is being discussed.

King was warning President Donald J. Trump against making any deal that gave amnesty to aliens under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, Breitbart News reported.

King, who is an ardent opponent of mass immigration and a long-time immigration reform advocate, urged the president to avoid accepting any deal that would instantly legalize nearly 800,000 people who were illegally brought into the country as children.

King noted that even if such an amnesty deal is tied to a plan to reduce legal immigration levels to the benefit of working class and middle-class Americans, it would lead to a surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border as illegal aliens would continue to circumvent the rule of law.


“Congress and President Trump cannot legalize DACAs without sacrificing the Rule of Law and broadcasting a call to come to America to be here for the next amnesty. No matter the deal’ the Rule of Law would fall!” he tweeted.

King’s assertion that any amnesty deal would lead to more mass illegal immigration is backed up by statistics. Illegal migrants surged across the border when Obama implemented DACA, and illegal crossings surged again in November 2017 as talk of amnesty for DACA aliens already in the U.S. began.

Most recently, Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach has also warned Trump against accepting a deal on DACA amnesty by the Republican establishment.

He, too, said it would lead to a surge at the border.

“DACA is bad policy. It’s going to hurt … those 800,000 illegal aliens are in their 20’s and 30’s, they’re not kids,” he said in a Fox News interview.

“And they’re competing for jobs with Americans who in that age group are facing 9 percent unemployment, 19 percent under-employment. So we’re going to be taking Americans out of jobs and giving those jobs to DACA recipients effectively.

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