(National Sentinel) Selective Outrage…and Editing: A liberal contributor to CNN and other networks tweeted out a picture of President Donald J. Trump and lawmakers who met over the weekend to complain about their race and sex.

“10 old straight white men met in Camp David to set the legislative agenda for America. Oops! Let me correct myself. Paul Ryan isn’t old. And Trump leans more towards orangey hues,” she tweeted.

Critics quickly pounced on the tweet, accusing Navarro of purposely editing out a woman who was also standing at the podium with the president.

Critics complained that not only did Navarro selectively edit the photo to attack the president, but that she included racial overtones in her comments.

Navarro, like a number of Left-leaning pundits, often portray Republicans — especially if they’re white — of being racists. But, critics note, it is Democrats and their allies that bring up race most often, and in ways that disparage whites when they do so.

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