(National Sentinel) Immigration ‘Reformed’: On his Friday evening program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a blunt warning for majority Republicans in Congress: Siding with Democrats to legalize hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens would amount to political “suicide.”

During his program, Carlson reviewed several proposals made by GOP lawmakers on how best to handle illegal aliens who are currently protected from deportation under former President Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” policy, or DACA.

President Donald J. Trump rescinded the executive order in September but gave Congress six months to produce legislation dealing with those in the U.S. who qualified under the program.

Among the proposals now being offered by Republicans is an expansion of amnesty that opponents like Carlson say will be a death knell for the party.

“A number of Republican senators are prepared to cave completely to Democrats on this question agreeing to amnesty with no serious concessions in return,” Carlson said.

“One proposal would simply delay chain migration rather than ending it while expanding the scope of the amnesty for DACA recipients and reallocating the diversity lottery visas to a different class of unskilled immigrants,” he said.

“Not only would a deal like that hurt the country, voters have said very clearly, again and again, they don’t want it. And this is a democracy after all or at least it was.”

Carlson said if Republicans did not listen to voters on this issue, they are “toast.”

“You have to listen to what voters want if you are a lawmaker. If you see that kind of deal come out of Congress, and you may, the Republican Party is done, it’s over, it’s toast. It will be a short epitaph too, suicide,” he added.

Other conservative pundits including Fox News host Laura Ingraham and author/columnist Ann Coulter have warned Republicans against passage of another amnesty program.

A number of conservatives believe one of the major reasons why Trump defeated Hillary Clinton was his pledge to enforce all immigration laws and to reduce illegal immigration.

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