(National Sentinel) Accountable: During his Thursday evening Fox News broadcast, host Tucker Carlson of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” used his opening segment to criticize the “long history” of Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison saying “repugnant things.”

Ellison “has a long history of saying repugnant things and backing extremist causes,” The Daily Caller co-founder stated.

“Back in 1989, Ellison wrote that the Constitution existed only for white people. He referred to it as ‘their’ Constitution, calling it ‘the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.’ That’s the Constitution of the United States,” the host continued.

“Ellison has spoken favorably, meanwhile, of cop killer Assata Shakur. He said he was ‘praying’ that Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba would not be forced to extradite her back to the United States,” Carlson went on.

Most recently, he noted that Ellison tweeted a selfie as he held a book, “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” claiming it will “strike fear in the heart” of President Donald J. Trump.

“Why would that book strike fear in the heart of the president of the United States?” Carlson asked. “Well, maybe because that book advocates for political violence against people like Donald Trump and his supporters.”

“As a law student at the University of Minnesota, Ellison wrote a column calling for the creation of a separate black ethnostate. This is the man that is now second in command of the entire Democratic party. Now that ought to bother Republicans and Independents,” said the Fox News host.

“It should terrify Democrats. Most voters don’t support cop killing, racial separatism, political violence, abolishing freedom of speech, and they tend to flee from politicians and parties that do support those things,” he added.

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