(National Sentinel) Wide Net: House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told an audience in Washington, D.C., Tuesday that if he finds evidence special counsel Robert Mueller was involved in the Uranium One scandal, he’ll seek to interview him.

During remarks in November at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2017 that were largely unnoticed by most media outlets, Nunes pledged to interview Mueller if it turns out he had a role the deal, which has turned into another Obama-era scandal.

“Trey Gowdy, rightfully so, wants to methodically go through this, so the answer to Mueller, if he has involvement in it, we’re going to interview him. I mean, that’s the bottom line,” Nunes said in response to a question about his thoughts as to whether he believes Mueller was involved.

Here is video of Nunes’ response:


In closing Nunes said there was “much more to come” on the issue of Uranium One that he couldn’t discuss.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, has said he believes that Mueller signed off on the deal, which allowed Russia to obtain 20 percent of all strategic U.S. uranium.

“One of the things that was most shocking was that a guy named Rosenstein, if that name sounds familiar, since he appointed Mueller (to lead Special Counsel on Trump) he was the guy that actually helped sign documents that got the whole thing, the original cover-up done by sealing documents back early in the Obama administration so that Hillary could go through and make mega-millions,” he said.

“The blockbuster line now here is that he (Mueller) and Rosenstein had to be involved in him being the Special Counsel now because now we know he needed to cover up the fact that him and Rosenstein covered up the first investigation,” he continued.


Bill and Hillary Clinton, via their foundation, were also part of the scandal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents to explain evidence they discovered into a currently dormant criminal probe into the controversial Uranium One deal that has been tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

According to multiple law enforcement sources, interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department’s efforts to fulfill a pledge that an assistant attorney general gave to Congress in November.

The assistant AG promised that the department would determine whether a special counsel is warranted to look into the Uranium One deal, according to a senior Justice Department official.

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