(National Sentinel) ‘Foreign’ Policy: Former advisors to President Barack Obama have waded into the the debate over President Donald J. Trump’s comments regarding the widening and deadly protests in Iran, backing the regime they struck a nuclear deal with over the policies of the current commander-in-chief.

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice tweeted a New York Times op-ed by former Obama aide Philip Gordon, “How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet.”

The author of the op-ed argued that by supporting the protests while taking steps to end the Iran nuclear deal will only help the regime to delegitimize its internal opponents.

In addition, Rob Malley, who had once been dropped from the Obama campaign for meeting with the Hamas terrorist group but found his way back into the administration during negotiations with Iran, also praised Gordon’s op-ed.

Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry, who helped seal the Iran nuclear deal, also praised the Iranian regime, which has now killed at least 20 protestors, according to reports.

“With humility about how little we know about what’s happening inside Iran, this much is clear: it’s an Iranian moment and not anyone else’s. But the rights of people to protest peacefully and voice their aspirations are universal and governments everywhere should respect that,” he tweeted.

Also, former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, who ran an “echo chamber” of administration-friendly pundits to sell the Iran deal to the American public via the media, criticized Americans who think the U.S. should encourage the protests.

“The Iranian people are rightfully demanding dignity, less corruption, more opportunity, and greater control over their lives. In looking at US twitter, it seems lost on too many that this is about what Iranians want for Iran, and not about us,” he tweeted.

As the protests began in earnest over the weekend, Trump tweeted his support for those angry with the theocratic regime.

Critics of the Obama officials noted as well that the former president and his administration refused to support Iran’s “Green Revolution” in 2009. Obama said that “we respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran.”

Noted Breitbart News: “Obama was more concerned with preserving the possibility of an eventual deal on Iran’s nuclear program than he was in removing the Iranian regime as a strategic threat or in standing up for human rights. Critics charge that Obama missed a golden opportunity.”

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