(National Sentinel) Witch Hunt: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is expected to extend well into next year, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

As reported by ABC News, despite predictions by lawyers for President Donald J. Trump that Mueller’s probe will wrap up sooner rather than later, sources believe that isn’t the case at all.

“Most notably, the federal grand jury in Washington that has already indicted two key Trump associates is continuing to meet and hear more evidence from prosecutors,” the network reported.

“The grand jurors’ identities are unknown, but their faces are recognizable to the reporters and producers who have been standing inside the courthouse each week. Just a week ago, one of Mueller’s top prosecutors, Jeannie Rhee, was spotted at the courthouse by ABC News,” the report continued.

Special counsel grand juries often last up to 18 months and can be extended further in six-month increments if necessary.

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and campaign associate George Papadopoulos have all been indicted by Mueller.

But, as critics of the probe note, none of the indictments have had anything at all to do with alleged collusion between the president’s campaign and the Russian government, which was the original mandate of the special counsel.

The lack of evidence after more than a year of investigating those allegations — by congressional committees, the FBI, and Mueller’s special counsel — is frustrating some members of Congress.

“It’s time for Bob Mueller to put up or shut up. If there’s evidence of collusion, let’s see it,” Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said in an interview on Fox News earlier this month.

“If there’s not, let’s move on as a country and let’s institute reforms at the FBI so that an egomaniac FBI director like James Comey cannot depart from the normal standard procedures that guarantees all Americans equal treatment under the law,” he continued.

Trump and others have complained that the ongoing Russia collusion probe is harming the administration’s ability to improve relations with a strategic, nuclear-armed great power.

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