(National Sentinel) Forgive and Forget: Democratic voters in Chicago appear more than willing to excuse Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s poor leadership of their city because he’s come out hard against President Donald J. Trump.

As reported by Fox News, during the first half of the year Chicagoans gave Emanuel a poor approval rating; just 25 percent approved. But by year’s end, after Emanuel declared his city a “Trump-free zone” and came out in support of remaining in the Paris Climate Accords after the president announced the U.S. would pull out, his approval rating now hovers above 50 percent.

But at the same time Chicagoans appear to be rewarding Emanuel’s anti-Trump stance, they are ignoring policies he has championed that are hurting them and traditional Democratic causes.

For instance, Emanuel has done nothing to curb Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate. Also, while appearing as a defender of undocumented immigrants and working-class, he has adopted and pushed for policies that hurt the very same people.

As the Chicago Reader notes, critics point out that Emanuel’s development and financial policies and priorities continue to marginalize working-class neighborhoods where immigrants and minorities live.

Also, “Emanuel’s administration continues to funnel tax increment financing funds meant for blighted areas to wealthy developers and parts of the city, including a scheme revealed last summer to surreptitiously direct TIF money to Navy Pier,” the site reported.

“Mayor 1 Percent’s” past budgets have slashed public services and jobs, critics note further, while closing mental health clinics. And the recently-passed 2018 budget boosted water, sewer, and phone bills, all of which will have a disproportionate negative effect on the poorest residents.

“Increased revenue was needed to meet obligations to city union workers, but many critics say more of the tab should be picked up by the city’s wealthy corporations—the types of players who have already donated $3.1 million to Emanuel’s war chest for the 2019 mayoral race,” the site reported.

Chicagoans also seem to have forgotten that their police department was indicted by the Obama Justice Department after the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. The Justice Department, then led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, imposed an agreement on Emanuel to allow federal monitoring of the Chicago P.D.

But when Jeff Sessions, not a fan of such agreements, took over the DoJ, Emanuel covertly worked with the department on another agreement that avoids federal oversight on police reforms.

“Is being just stanchly against the president enough to win the voters of Chicago?” Fox News noted.

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