(National Sentinel) Head-Scratcher: The media correspondent for CNN, Brian Stelter, is calling out Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” morning show because the hosts reported an accurate polling statistic comparing Presidents Donald J. Trump and Barack Obama.


On Thursday The National Sentinel reported that Trump’s approval rating had popped to 46 percent, while his disapproval had fallen to 53 percent.

“Fox & Friends” shared this fact on air Friday morning, leading the president to tweet out his satisfaction about the polls.

But according to Stelter, it was a “disservice” to viewers of Fox & Friends for the show to share that information.

“This is a prime example of how ‘Fox & Friends’ does a disservice to viewers,” Stelter tweeted.

However, according to a Dec. 28, 2009 poll by Rasmussen Reports, the same firm that released Trump’s latest approval ratings, had Obama at 47 percent favorable; just a day later, on Dec. 29, Obama’s rating fell to 46 percent favorable and 53 percent unfavorable, the same as Trump’s.

“So Brian Stelter is apparently angry that Fox News reported poll numbers that are factually accurate because they happen to be favorable to the president. Very unbiased,” The Daily Caller observed.

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