(National Sentinel) Political Reality: Liberal CNN morning host Allyson Camerota and Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., on Thursday talked about the political effect that the recently-passed Trump-Republican tax cuts would have on the country, with both agreeing that it could lead to more GOP support during the 2018 elections.

“Just, ever since the tax reform was announced, or the tax overhaul, or whatever you want to call it, there have been this whole slew of companies that have come forward and saying, ‘Guess what? We’re going to give out bonuses, now, to our employees,'” Camerota said.

“I mean, I have just a partial list in front of me, and there’s nine companies on here from AT&T, to Boeing, to Comcast, Bank of America, Sinclair, Wells Fargo, PNC. There’s all sorts of companies that say they’re going to give something to a thousand dollars worth of bonuses to their hundreds of thousands of employees,” she continued.

“Fifth Bank Corp is gonna boost the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Obviously, they could have done this before the tax overhaul was announced.

“They were sitting on profits. But they didn’t, they did it when the tax overhaul was announced. And I’m wondering if you, as a Democrat are you worried about the wind in their sails? People vote with their pocketbooks,” she noted further.

Dingell demurred, essentially agreeing that it was a good thing that employees would be getting tax relief and bonuses. But as far as whether the tax reform and cuts would aid Republicans in 2018 and Trump during his 2020 reelection, the Michigan Democrat said, “We’re gonna have to see what the real world is next year.”

Every congressional Democrat voted against the tax cut bill.

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