(National Sentinel) Idiot Squad: As TV ratings and viewership continue to fall during the final weeks of the 2017 NFL season due in large part to ongoing player protests against the National Anthem and the country in general, NFL officials have decided to fine a rookie New Orleans Saints running back for wearing cleats commemorating Christmas.

Alvin Kamara, who as a rookie has helped his team reclaim dominance in a competitive NFC South Division and has been selected for the Pro Bowl, shared an image of his NFL FINE LETTER on social media.


Kamara seems to have taken the fine in stride, but his isn’t the first action handed out or threatened by the beleaguered league that many fans felt was inappropriate, despite the NFL’s strict uniform policies.

In September the league threatened to fine players for wearing patriotic items commemorating the 9/11 attacks, a decision that angered many police organizations as well, especially those in New York City, which bore the brunt of the attacks.

“I’m making a goal line stand on this. Enough is enough! The NFL is out of bounds on this!” said Paul Nunziato, head of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association.

Last year, the NFL refused to allow Dallas Cowboys players to add a small decal to their helmets during the regular season honoring five police officers who were ambushed and murdered.

The NFL’s ratings have suffered double-digit declines this year for a variety of reasons including poor play and lack of superstars. However, one theme throughout the year has been the league’s tolerance of players’ disrespect for the National Anthem and, many believe, the military that protects and serves them.

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