(National Sentinel) Trump Administration: President Donald J. Trump’s administration is set for a reshuffling shortly after the first of the year, Axios reported as a “scoop” on Thursday.

One of the changes coming, the site noted, is that senior Trump administration official Johnny DeStefano is set to assume greater responsibilities and influence, including overseeing the White House’s political operations, which has been in disarray.

Axios reported that two sources with direct knowledge of what’s to come say DeStefano is expected to assume most of deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn’s responsibilities. Meanwhile, Dearborn is believed to be exiting the White House sometime in the new year.

“There’s been an intense focus recently on the performance of the White House political shop in general and its leader Bill Stepien in particular,” Axios noted.

“We were first to report in detail about the widespread concerns about the operation’s performance; and WashPo and others reported on a recent tense meeting in the Oval Office that climaxed with Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski eviscerating Stepien,” the site noted further.

DeStefano, a veteran of Capitol Hill and a former leadership aide, is expected to take over the White House’s Office of ntergovernmental Affairs , which would put him in charge of maintaining the White House’s relationships with state legislators, governors, tribal leaders, mayors, and other political leaders across the country.


Also, he will take control of the Office of Public Liaison, which serves as an outreach arm to interest groups.

“The move makes DeStefano one of the administration’s key point people to the wider Republican universe,” Axios reported.

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