(National Sentinel) Set-up: Democrats in Congress are “manufacturing a crisis” with a drumbeat of warnings regarding the possible firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, sources familiar with the relationship between his office and that of President Donald J. Trump’s legal team told Fox News.

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Sources insisted to the news network that the White House has no plans to fire Mueller — something the White House said before the Christmas holiday — and therefore such discussions are nothing but hearsay and rumor.

What’s more, sources said Trump’s legal team has an “excellent” and “very professional” relationship with Mueller and his investigative team.

“The fact is [Democrats] have been caught red-handed manufacturing a crisis and all the phony allegations,” one source told Fox News.

Since early December Democrats have floated reports and allegations that Trump was planning on firing Mueller over the holidays. Left-wing activists have also ramped up warnings over a potential Mueller firing, calling for protests to defend the “republic” if Trump would do so.

That said, there has been increasing frustration among Republicans regarding Mueller’s probe in recent months over allegations of anti-Trump bias within his legal and investigative team.

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Most recently, complaints have centered mostly on the disclosure of anti-Trump text messages that were exchanged between two former Mueller investigators, FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

In addition, Team Trump has alleged that Mueller’s investigators improperly obtained emails from the transition that were privileged, before Trump even entered office.

Still, Trump has denied he is planning on firing Mueller as have members of his legal team.

Fox News noted further:

The only sign of a looming firing any lawmaker cited was an unconfirmed rumor. Democratic California Rep. Jackie Speier claimed a week ago that “the rumor on the Hill” was Trump would fire Mueller at the end of this week, after lawmakers leave D.C. for the recess – which has not happened as of Friday afternoon. 

“It would be a Saturday massacre – worse than that,” Speier said on KQED Newsroom last week. “Without a doubt there will be an impeachment effort.”

Though there is no effort underway to fire Mueller, legal and constitutional experts say Trump, as president, has the authority to do so.

Despite that, Democrats have continued to ramp up warnings and agitate their base.

“If the president were to fire special counsel Mueller, our country would face a constitutional crisis,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Thursday.

“Every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee should be ready to launch an immediate investigation into obstruction of justice if the President takes this action over the holidays and be prepared to fight to impeach him,” wrote Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.,  a letter advising the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee to call all members back to Washington should Trump fire Mueller.

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