(National Sentinel) Dispelling Myths: On his Thursday night program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented what he said were “never-before-seen” statistics indicating that illegal aliens commit far more crimes than previously known.

Carlson began the segment by recounting an argument that Democratic politicians often make in supporting unlimited immigration, legal or illegal, and recounted how liberals claim non-citizens commit less crime than U.S. citizens.

“They are your superiors,” he said, mockingly.

Then Carlson began presenting a list of statistics he said he never been presented to the American public to support his position.

“According to statistics from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit serious crimes than Americans are,” said Carlson.

For instance, he said, “Non-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions.”

Also, they account for “18 percent of fraud convictions” and “33 percent of money laundering convictions,” added Carlson.

Illegal aliens are also responsible for “29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and 72 percent of convictions for drug possession.”

“Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the American people? About 7 percent,” he added.

In summing up the newly released statistics, the Fox News host said this is a “massively disproportionate” amount of crime committed by illegal aliens.

“Why have so many people been lying to us for so long? That’s a question we plan to ask a whole bunch of people,” Carlson said.


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