(National Sentinel) The Big Lie: Former Obama administration officials who created the media “echo chamber” in order to sell the Iran nuclear deal are now working to undermine a bombshell report revealing how the Obama administration derailed its own Drug Enforcement Agency from disrupting Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah from operating a global narcotics ring.

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According to a report by Politico, which The National Sentinel featured earlier this week, the Obama administration essentially gave Hezbollah a pass in order to pursue and eventually sign the Iran nuclear deal, which remains one of Barack Obama’s few legacies.

The report has prompted two Republican members of the House Oversight Committee — Reps. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Jim Jordan of Ohio — to launch a congressional investigation into the scandal on Thursday. Both men have called on the Justice Department to release all documents related to the matter.

Their announcement has prompted former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes to launch an effort of his own designed to discredit the Politico report, which began:

In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

Rhodes has labeled the report a concocted Right-wing conspiracy, even though Politico is widely perceived to be a Left-leaning news organization.

In addition to Rhodes, other Obama officials including former National Security Council members Tommy Vietor and Ned Price, have begun to push back against the story, putting forth an exculpatory media narrative ahead of the coming investigations by Congress.

“Organizations funded by the Ploughshares Fund, a Left-wing donor group that helped the Obama administration manufacture positive Iran deal coverage, have pushed that same narrative smearing the Politico story,” The Daily Caller reports.

“There are many reasonable critiques of Obama’s foreign policy. The idea that he was soft on Hezbollah is not one of them. The story is so manufactured out of thin air that it’s hard to push back except to say that it’s a figment of the imagination of two very flawed sources,” Vietor wrote.

Politico reporter Josh Meyer, who wrote the story, has pushed back against the trio, saying they are “blatantly lying” about its true contents.

“You’ve either not read it or are willfully disregarding the many other people quoted, the documents people can link to and the obvious facts,” Meyer said in a series of tweets addressed them.

“I’m compiling a list of [questions] to post for you guys, and for the congressional hearings,” Meyer added.

Rhodes bragged to the New York Times last year that he duped reporters who “literally know nothing” into helping him create an “echo chamber” around the Iran deal, The Daily Caller noted.

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