(National Sentinel) Accusation Industry: A woman who has accused President Donald J. Trump of sexual misconduct once pleaded to be his makeup artist before her charges surfaced shortly before the November 2016 election.

As reported by The Hill‘s John Solomon, New York cosmetics executive Jill Harth lobbied to become the soon-to-be president and pitch her new line of makeup before accusations that he allegedly assaulted her sexually in the 1990s became public.

“Hi Donald, you are doing a tremendous job of shaking things up in the United States. I am definitely on Team Trump as so many others are,” Jill Harth wrote the future president in an Oct. 1, 2015, email sent to him through his New York company’s headquarters.

“I can’t watch television without seeing you or hearing your name everywhere! It’s a good thing for sure but PLEASE let me do your makeup for a television interview, a debate, a photo session, anything!” Harth wrote.

“It kills me to see you looking too orange and with white circles under the eyes. I will get your skin looking smoother and even toned,” she added, bragging that she would “sculpt your face” to look presentable on high-definition television sets.

In yet another email in which Harth attempted to meet Trump personally, she offered to be a campaign surrogate who was willing to tell voters how the future president “helped me with my self-confidence and all positive things about how he is with women.”

Those words are very different from words she used in a withdrawn federal lawsuit in 1997 and allegations which surfaced in the weeks before the November 2016 election, Solomon noted.

Harth is one of 19 women who have accused President Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct.

She acknowledged to The Hill that in 2015 and 2016, as Trump’s campaign was ramping up, that she approached the future president’s corporate assistant, while also sending him emails personally.

Harth claimed that the “flattering nature” of her business pitches “were necessary to satisfy Trump’s ‘huge’ ego,” and that she believed enough time had passed since his alleged misconduct that she felt comfortable approaching him again.

“Yes, I had moved on but had not forgotten the pain he brought into my life,” she said, saying she underwent therapy to deal with her prior experiences. “I was older, wiser. Trump was married to Melania and I had hoped he was a changed man.”

Harth said she eventually got a chance to pitch her “Made Man” product line to Trump after securing VIP tickets to a campaign event in South Carolina in January 2016.

“I went to a rally for Trump in January 2016 in South Carolina. We met and we had an understanding that we would let ‘sleeping dogs lie’ in regards to that old complaint,” she said in an email to The Hill.

Trump has denied he sexually harassed any women while he was amassing his business fortune.

In a Jan. 5, 2016, email to Trump assistant Rhona Graff, she also volunteered to attest publicly that Trump treated women nicely, including herself.

“I also want to put it out there that I would be willing to say at a rally or somewhere how [Trump] helped me with my self-confidence and all positive things about how he is with women to counter any potential negativity that may come out at some point in the campaign,” she wrote.

“I have always been very fond of Donald and I CARE about him,” Harth wrote to Graff in August.

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