(National Sentinel) Typical Hypocrisy: Democrats in the Senate have reversed their earlier calls for Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota to resign his seat following a series of sexual misconduct allegations.

Initially, several Democratic senators, especially female senators, called on Franken to step down after the allegations surfaced, including a photograph of him appearing to group a Los Angeles sports radio personality.

The Minnesota Democrat took to the Senate floor earlier this month to announce his resignation, saying only that it would be “in the coming weeks.”

Now, apparently, chamber Democrats have changed their mind and are pushing Franken to stay.

“At least four senators are urging Al Franken to reconsider resigning, including two who issued statements calling for the resignation two weeks ago and said they now feel remorse over what they feel was a rush to judgment,” Politico reported.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., never called on Franken to resign, and now he’s even more adamant he remain.

“What they did to Al was atrocious, the Democrats,” said West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin in an interview for Politico’s Off Message podcast to post on Tuesday.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who issued a statement calling for Franken’s resignation, has since told him privately that he regrets doing so, Politico reported, citing two people familiar with the conversation.

“I think we acted prematurely, before we had all the facts,” said a third senator who has also called for the resignation, and has since expressed regret directly to Franken. “In retrospect, I think we acted too fast.”

Manchin blasted Democrats who called on Franken to resign and then went to the Senate chamber to hear him say he was doing so.

“The most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen done to a human being — and then have enough guts to sit on the floor, watch him give his speech and go over and hug him? That’s hypocrisy at the highest level I’ve ever seen in my life. Made me sick,” Manchin added.

Franken’s office said the senator still plans to step down, probably sometime in January.

Tina Smith, Minnesota’s Democratic lieutenant governor, was named last week as his appointed successor.

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