(National Sentinel) Gratitude: President Donald J. Trump, in an address to the pilots and air crews of Marine One, the presidential helicopter fleet, praised staff and personnel after they gave him a special Christmas gift.

“So they gave me this hat,” Trump said at the Marine Corps Air Facility in Quantico, Virginia, according to a White House transcript of his remarks.

“It says, ‘Presidential Helicopter Squadron.’ Would you wear it? Now, no other president would do this. But I will, because I’m proud of you,” he added, garnering applause from the Marines in attendance.

“I’m proud of you,” Trump said again. “What the hell.”

“For more than half a century, Marine Helicopter Squadron One has served as one of the most visible symbols of the presidency,” the president said in addressing Marine personnel “Today, there are few sights more awe-inspiring than Marine One flying up the Potomac — true, incredible — past the Washington Monument and landing on the South Lawn of the White House.

“It’s an incredible privilege to take that flight.”

The president also recalled the first time he boarded Marine One, saying he “felt very, very good about” America.

“I’m very proud of our country when I got that first flight and every time I get on it,” he said. “So I appreciate the job you do.”

He noted that “nothing is more reassuring” than the image of a Marine standing guard when he leaves and enters the White House.

“And my pledge to you is that I will have your back just as you will always — and have always — had mine,” he said.

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