(National Sentinel) Economy: President Donald J. Trump, in just his first year in office, has managed to preside over the greatest rally in stock market history, with Wall Street closing with 69 record-highs since his inauguration.

On Friday the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at another all-time high, matching the calendar year 1995, The Gateway Pundit reported. At the final bell the Dow closed at 24,651, which is an increase of 34 percent since the November election.

Since then, the Dow has shot up 6,300 points — closing Election Day at 18,333. That makes the current increase the largest in the Dow’s more than 100-year history.

In addition, the Dow has increased more during the current calendar year than at any other point in history, passing the six major milestones of 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000, 23,000, and 24,000.

No other president in the history of the markets has witnessed 69 record highs during their first year in office. He’s also the first president to more all-time highs in a single year, The Gateway Pundit noted further.

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