(National Sentinel) Immigration Deformed: Conservative pundit, author and columnist Ann Coulter told Breitbart News Radio that if Republicans hoped to maintain their congressional majorities in 2018, they should immediately back and fund President Donald J. Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I want everyone involved, here — Donald Trump, or President Kushner, Mitch McConnell, and all you guys at Breitbart and anyone who cares about the country — to notice if you’re going to primary somebody, or if there’s an open seat, our candidate is the one who’s respectable, reasonably articulate, and good on immigration; that is the winning issue,” explained Coulter.

“It isn’t being anti-establishment. It isn’t being anti-McConnell. It isn’t being pro-establishment. It is immigration, and we’ve seen that for twenty years, now,” she continued.

“Every time you give Americans a chance to vote on immigration, they vote for a lot less. Democrats, many Republicans, and the broader left seek to accelerate the rate of demographic change wrought via existing immigration (both lawful and unlawful) and refugee admission policies,” Coulter — whose latest book, “Adios, America,” focuses on immigration — noted.

The conservative pundit went on to point out that the disconnect between most in Congress and the American people on the issue of immigration couldn’t be wider.

“I’ve never seen an issue where the public is so clearly on one side,” explained Coulter.

“They will reward any politician who says, ‘Eliminate anchor babies. Build the wall. Cut welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.’ Give the public any immigration issue to vote on, and they will come out overwhelmingly against it, and the politicians just ignore them,” she said.

“For Pete’s sake, we just elected Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the president because he ran on building a wall. What else do we have to do to say we want a wall and whole lot less immigration?”

She also added that Trump must continue to prioritize his signature campaign issue as well.

“If he makes Democrats and Republicans vote on the wall, vote anchor babies, extend the Muslim ban, if he renegotiates NAFTA, it doesn’t matter about ‘The Year of the Woman,’ Republicans will be just fine,” said Coulter.

“If he keeps on the course he’s on right now it’ll be a blow out for the Democrats … [Donald Trump] could sell Ivanka merchandise from the White House if he would just build the wall.”

The administration is in the process of testing border wall designs.

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