(National Sentinel) Media Fail: Donald Trump Jr. said Monday that CNN reporters didn’t even bother to contact him last week before the network published an erroneous “bombshell” report which attempted to link his father’s presidential campaign to the ongoing “Russian collusion” narrative.


CNN reported that Trump Jr. was approached by someone claiming to represent Wikileaks and offered a trove of hacked and stolen emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The network reported that the president’s son was emailed the offer on Sept. 4, 2016. In reality, according to the email, which was obtained by The Daily Caller, the message was actually sent Sept. 14, not Sept. 4.

Wikileaks published the entire trove online on Sept. 13, meaning it was already publicly available by the time the representative emailed Trump Jr.

The email reads more like a notification that the trove of documents had indeed been published, as Trump Jr. was provided a URL where the documents could be found. CNN‘s initial report made it seem as though the Trump campaign was being offered exclusive access to secret, stolen documents.

It took the network several hours to correct the reporting error, meaning the original story spread all day long before the correction was made on-air late Friday.

Subsequent reporting suggested that the original information had been leaked to CNN by Democratic operatives on the House Intelligence Committee.

The botched reporting drew a negative response from the president’s son.

“If they were really trying to get to the truth you would think they would reach out to the other side before running with it. They all have my number… they couldn’t care less about the truth,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

He also responded to the original Daily Caller story, stating then as well that he was never called by CNN for comment, which is standard journalistic procedure.

“How about why was I (or my legal team) not contacted to comment or to offer an explanation? Was the chance to make the narrative they have claimed for 18 month so great that the truth was no longer relevant?” he tweeted.

“An organization as big as CNN should have contacted Donald Trump Jr. or his legal team for a comment as standard practice, especially with an exclusive bombshell story,” The Gateway Pundit added.

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