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Report: CIA knows who leaked stolen DNC docs to Wikileaks

“It’s pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly”

(National Sentinel): Deep State: A former CIA operative says he believes that his former employer knows exactly who is responsible for leaking hacked emails and other documents from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.

As reported by WorldNetDaily, former agent Fred Rustmann, who served as an operations officer in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service for 24 years and was a member of the agency’s elite Senior Intelligence Service, said in an interview with WND that WikiLeaks’ ongoing release of classified information is “disgusting.”

That said, he believes that the agency has identified the leakers.

“Wikileaks says they want to protect their sources – Julian Assange said that he wouldn’t reveal his sources, but he would say that it wasn’t the Russians,” Rustmann said.

“But the agency knows a lot of the information. I suspect they may have a pretty good idea of who provided that information to Wikileaks.”

The agency sent a back-handed threat to Wikileaks on Saturday via the CIA’s Twitter account, using comments by CIA Director Mike Pompeo at the Reagan National Defense Forum on Saturday.

“DCIA Pompeo: WikiLeaks may think they are protecting those who provide them with classified information & other secrets, but they should not be certain of that. #RNDF,” the cryptic message said.

Scores of users were stunned that the CIA would send that message, with many referencing former DNC technology employee Seth Rich, who was murdered last year under still-unexplained circumstances.

Some speculate that Rich may have been the leaker, including Internet guru and entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who has claimed that he and Rich talked a lot and were working together to expose corruption at the DNC and within the campaign of Hillary Clinton last year.

Robert L. Deitz, who served as senior counselor to CIA Director Michael Hayden from 2006 until February 2009, and general counsel at the National Security Agency from 1998 to 2006, told WND he was “unprecedented” for the CIA to threaten a private entity.

“It’s pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly. It’s pretty unprecedented; one ought to be skeptical about this. That is not the way that CIA officials should operate,” he said. “This is not the way the CIA director ought to behave. CIA directors don’t go around threatening.”

He added that such a threat normally would come out of the Defense Department, the State Department or a similar organization. The CIA, he said, normally stays in the background.

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met with Assange in August and said the Wikileaks founder would provide information to the U.S. of profound importance in exchange for a pardon from the Trump administration.

Assange has regularly said that the documents did not come from “a state” — including Russia or any other government.

The DNC and the Clinton campaigns have always maintained that hackers working on behalf of the Russian government stole the documents to help elect President Trump.

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  1. Get off the grass As if its not blatantly obvious who set wiki leaks up


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