(National Sentinel) NFHell: As player protests during the National Anthem continue and bad teams continue losing streaks, ticket prices for home games are dropping to historic lows in a number of markets.

For instance, tickets to Sunday’s snowy Indianapolis Colts – Buffalo Bills game in western New York, which was played in blizzard conditions, were as low as $2 each, according to ticket reseller Vivid Seats.

The price drop was fixed before the game, however, and is not believed to be related to the storm.

As ad and NFL gear revenue fall, the biggest hit in earnings comes from double-digit declines in ticket sales. Just a few years ago, The Blaze reports, the average price for one of the worst seats in any stadium was around $100, but now those same seats are selling for less than the price of a gallon of gasoline.

Tickets for the Carolina Panthers game went for a little as $7, while fans could see the Green Bay Packers for as cheap as $12, The Blaze reports.


Not all markets are this hard-hit, but clearly, all teams are suffering drops in ticket sales. Some fans will be able to see a Dallas Cowboys game later this month for as little as $10, while tickets for a Pittsburgh Steelers game — one of the league’s most popular teams — as the season winds down will go for a fraction of what they normally go for.

And while there are other reasons why the NFL is flagging this year, clearly the protests — coupled with poor play and player antics — has had a major impact, analysts have noted.

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